I have been active as an artist since 1987. Please see my curriculum vitae for a list of exhibitions.
Art as a lifestyle is the expression of life including all of the different ways of living. People actively creating their lives are artists; it is up to them to choose the right path.


There are different methods of visual expression including body language, dress, and the creation of imagined pictures. I choose visual media such as photography, painting, film, and new digital media as well as sign language (language of the deaf, which is also visual communication).


As we are not alone in this world, there is a need to understand each other: communication is very important. The different sides of a person’s personality and the individual or direct means they choose to express themselves are all involved in how they communicate. These are the means by which we make contacts and influence our imagination.

To live creatively is not easy; nonetheless, I live so consistently, each time that I rest on my creativity as an art photographer and political scientist. An art work is created not merely by what you know but by the ability to recognize connections and give them proper expression. Under “Galerie” I show several examples of my work.