My grandfather gave me my understanding of the world. He supported me in a very positive way during important stages in my life.


He always looked to his heart and to the world. He shaped his life and let me participate. In this way I learned to shape my own life and explored my deeper interests, one of which is photography. My grandfather gave me his camera equipment and I am proud to have his third and last camera. He supported me not only financially but also in terms of my ideals. He often said: “Whatever it is that you set out to do, I know you will take your own path there.”

For me,
Photography is communication
Photography is expression
Photography is a mirror

Photography is past, present and future in one expressive moment.
For me, photography is the picture language of light: because of its historical background and because of its significance as visual communication.

My “light pictures” are important to me because I can express and represent myself, and communicate through them. There are endless impressions of each expression.

In the beginning, my work as a photographer was dominated by black and white images. These images were full of contrasts or had weak grey structures that revealed their base. The impression could either be similar to a metaphysical work or realistic, like a good breakfast at the beginning of a day. For me, black and white photography supports the understanding of contours and makes the lines visible in all dimensions.


At first, vertical images were more important to me than horizontal ones because at the time they mirrored my understanding of reality.

As I got older, I increasingly began including color in my photographs. How do I feel about and perceive color? What does it release? First I was motivated by mono-colored images. Meanwhile, I understand color like blood, which imparts reality.

With color, I became interested in horizontal images. My perspective grew.

The dance of color and structures increasingly dominates my photography.

Everybody has a different motivation to create pictures, depending on their own unique perception and experience.