curriculum vitae

Maga. Gabriele Johanna Schatzl born on 18.1.1969 in Vienna

fine art photographer
(Full Member of the IG FINE ARTS, representing the interests of visual artists in Austria)

Political scientist and trainer (Approved professional trainer of SystemCERT Certification GmbH)


2009 Intercultural skills – course at IZ Vienna
2001 Training to coach at the bfi Vienna
June 1999 diploma with distinction
1997 thesis with Dr. Eva Kreisky
„Mental disability“ as a limiting definition of social and political self-determination “
1990 Studies in political science with computer science, sociology and women’s studies in the subject combination
1989 – 1990 photography class at the Graphic Arts Research and Training Institute in Vienna
1987 – 1994 Studies of computer science at the TU Vienna
1979 – 1987 Bundesrealgymnasium in Vienna IX


Since June 2005, a trainer in the areas of visual communication (development of special training methods based on sign language to enhance the perception and expression) integrated communication, body language, voice training, jobs and careers, gender mainstreaming, diversity management, promotion of women, photography and art.

Managing director and owner of MAATartio e.U. – holistic perception and expressiveness.

Since 2005 head for the course in artistic photography MAATartio.

2005-2018 as a self-employed trainer for:

  • Pedagogical University Vienna (visual communication)
  • bfi Vienna (gender and diversity, holistic communication, training of trainers for vocational and career counseling)
  • ÖSB Consulting (career guidance)
  • update Training (career guidance)
  • wincomm Seminar Center Agency (occupational guidance, gender and diversity, train the trainer)
  • Light for the World – Christoffel Development Cooperation (visual communication)
  • Blind Association Austria – Section for telecommunications and office occupations of ÖBSV (FGTB, (integrated communication)
  • BBI (Federal Institute for the Blind, (integrated communication)
  • FSBC Vienna, training and research center for the blind, (integrated communication)
  • Viennasian – Photo Competition 2009 for young people on the subject of migrants from Asia who live in Vienna (photography)
  • Green party Simmering, workshop and exhibition: „Living together“ exhibition map and directions, (photography)
  • Green party seniors Austria Exhibition project (as an art photographer): New age – traveling exhibition on „Age“
  • biv integrative – the Academy for Integrative bildun, (vocational guidance, photography, photoshop)
  • BABSI – Women’s Counselling Centre Freistadt, Upper Austria, (gender mainstreaming)
  • RTCA – Rail Technology Cluster Austri, (gender mainstreaming)
  • Educational counseling in Vienna – VHS Floridsdorf, WUK club to create open culture and repairing houses (career guidance)
  • SELDA – A project for young women with an immigrant background, VHS Meidling, (educational and vocational guidance and training in empowerment)
  • bio.pflanzen WUK, WUK club and to create open culture and repairing houses, (nonviolent communication)
  • abz austria – competent for women and business, (project NOVA for returners after maternity leave, education, promotion and occupational guidance)
  • artistic/community colleges in Vienna (photography)
  • KRAGES – Burgenland hospitals-Ges.m.b.H. (nonviolent communication)
  • aquea – academy for quality education austria (gender mainstreaming for lecturers of the University of Warsaw)
  • Association, Advisory Center Krems (photography)
  • sign factory vienna (photography)

Target groups: women returners, migrants, young people, adults, older people, visually impaired people, people with different physical abilities.

Work experience in employment

2017 Educational consultant in the project Educational counseling for refugees, WUK club and to create open culture and repairing houses
2006 Project examination under EQUAL in Equal Office Austria
2003 Project work in the development and implementation of the project ZOOM, multimedia course for deaf women of the association VITA.
2001- 2004 Content Manager for the training database and for the training account of the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (waff)

  • Responsibilities: Content Management; statistical processing and ongoing evaluation of performance; national and international research concerning. the education and training market, maintaining contacts with education and training providers and cooperation partners.
    Design of conveyor transactions, budget planning and monitoring, public relations and complaint management.
    Specialties: Target group-oriented work, conceptual and operational product development,
  • Project management for the company’s internal implementation of gender mainstreaming.

2000/2001 instructor of photography at the artistic community college in Vienna
2001 Course Director for Civic Education at the Volkshochschule Meidling
2000/2001 clerk of International and European Women’s Affairs in the women’s section of the Ministry of Social Security and Generations

  • Responsibilities: comments to the European Commission and the European Council; Seminar organizations through bilateral contacts with the EU candidate countries.
    Main topics: violence against women and girls, migrant women, trafficking in women, women with disabilities, women and poverty (Vienna)..

1999/2005 Project: Scientific and photo historical reappraisal of the inventory Madame d’Ora (a Jewish photographer early 20th century in Vienna) of the Picture Archive of the Austrian National Library
1997-1999 Tutor at the Institute for Political Science at the University of Vienna


Extensive training and teaching experience communications expert in words and pictures
Sign language skills
English France
Gender Competence Center
Multimedia / computer applications
Recording technology (analogue, digital camera technology, photography and film)
sound equipment
photo laboratory technology
Digital image editing

Additional qualifications:

Since 2013 doctoral studies in Political Science Council
2016 Basic Course Introduction to the world of beekeeping
2016 gender plus in educational counseling
2015 customers with Burnout in counseling
2013 sociocracy as a method in decision-making
conduct skills training in 2012
2011 methodological skills workshop, gender mainstreaming,
2010 Taiji, Taiji Stock – body control (ongoing), body language, Communicative intelligence – with methods of applied theater
2009 Gender Mainstreaming, sign language conversation, voice training and classical vocal training,
2008 Brush Up Train the Trainer, sign language conversation, voice training and classical vocal training,
2007 Gender mainstreaming, sign language conversation, voice training and classical vocal training,
2006 sign language 7th and 8th semester,
2005 Sign Language 5th and 6th semester, networking, marketing methods, communication for women,
2004 sign language 3rd and 4th semesters,
2003 sign language 1st and 2nd semester, project management – education, Access – Database development, Xpert: Teams develop and manage,
2002 Access, Excel for advanced, project management, training in facilitation techniques,
2000 Moderation of working and project groups


2001-2005 implementation of the project Madame d’Ora (a Jewish photographer early 20th century in Vienna) together with Mag. Christa Hoffmann, Head of Unit for the restoration of the Austrian National Library.
1997/1998 Research assistant at the section „Politics and Gender“ the Austrian. Political Science: independent organization of a panel discussion ( „reorientation of autonomous women’s projects: between financial restriction and political pressure to adapt“, Mitorganistaion an international conference ( „Losers of the“ turning „- Winners of the EU“), etc.
1997 Project design for an accompanying scientific study: „Growing old, staying young,“ Volkshilfe Vienna under the direction of Dr. Franziska Fast
1996 co-editor of the Inst .: Politikw „Politix“: layout, proofreading, writing articles and publicity
1995 literature as part of a study of the Austrian. Central Statistical Office about: child care facilities in Austria „under the direction of Dr. Gerda Neyer (. Austrian Academy of Sciences)
1985/86 internship in the psychotherapeutic institution for „disabled“ people at Rosenhügel in Vienna

Professional practice as a photographer:

Since 2007, course director of the course „Artistic Photography“ in MAATartio
Since 2001 instructor for photography and visual communication at community colleges in Vienna
Since 1996 photographs in art photography for various cultural and social events (popular initiative on women in 1997, SOS fellow man, community colleges Austria, Volksbildungswerk Burgenland, Vienna University among others)
2009-2012 Green seniors Austria Exhibition project: „Neues.ZeitALTER“ traveling exhibition in Austria in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz
2000/2001 instructor of photography at the artistic community college in Vienna
1992 Scholarship for Photography of the Federal Ministry of Science and Art for the stay of 4 months in Paris
1991 internship at the television production „Tele-News“ / Berlin
1990-92 contract for employment in the graphic design department of the First Austrian Savings Bank Casse
1990 internship at a specialized laboratory for poster enlargements / Hamburg., Assistant at a „stills“ specialists, Herbert Maas / Hamburg. Participation in a photo studio for architectural photography / Dresden
1988/89 assistant at the fashion photographer Claude Buri and, working for model agencies in Vienna

Exhibitions in Photography:

2018 group exhibition „Being and Pain“ in the District Museum Liesing, Vienna
2017 group exhibition about „25 Years German Bee Journal“ in the gallery „Vierraumladen“ Berlin
2012/2013 exhibition „Images Read“, a joint project with the author Gerda Marie Pogoda, presentation Cafè Prückel in Vienna and in Werkl Goethehof, self-governing tete cultural spaces in Vienna
2012 Exhibition of the symposium: Ageing in Europe, in Graz
2011 Art spectacle in Langenlois: photography, painting, sculpture, graphics
2009-2012 Green seniors Austria Exhibition project: „Neues.ZeitALTER“ traveling exhibition in Austria in Vienna, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz
2004 Exhibition together with Barbara Schuster and Thomas Mariaschk in the team MAINual, Vienna
2002 Group exhibition: nude Giovedi, Naturist Lobau, Vienna
1996 Exhibition in the company, sitte * wegscheider, Public Relations Office, Vienna
1995 Group exhibition at the School of Wasagasse Vienna; Exhibition in the „green house“, Vienna
1994 Exhibition at the studio in the Vorgartenstraße with the painter Judit Sauter, Vienna
1994 Group exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, a joint project with Judit Sauter, Vienna
1992 Exhibition in the gallery Wien WUK
1989 Group exhibition at the TU Vienna


2011-2017 blog posts for the project educational counseling in Vienna
2006 „Empowered symbols of women“, Gabriele Johanna Schatzl, 05/2006, in „virtual“ – online monthly journal under:
Article for download (pdf, 28 Kb)
2005 „Photographic retouching“, Christa Hofmann, Gabriele Schatzl in „Keeping Up Appearances“ retouching, supplement, reconstruction, illusion releases the Austrian Restoration Association, Volume 10/2005
2003 „Matt albumen Papers and Their Use in Austrian Portrait“ Photography Christa Hofmann, Gabriele Schatzl; Paper presented, at the 2003 PMG-Winter Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico
2002 „The Atelier d’Ora, art and imagery from 1907 to 1927“, in: in blickpunkt, the photo collection of the Austrian National Library, Vienna of 2002
1999 „The Neverending Story“, abortion as a political discussion, in:. Politix # 7
1998 ‚Autonomous women’s projects in Austria – a matter of course? „, In: femina politica (German feminist journal)
1997 „It is women who know what will be after the war“, Interview with Tabita Mulyampitit, an exchange student from Uganda in: Politix No. 2. „The little witch-basics“, meaning by Mrs spaces as political and private places. in:. Politix No. 3, Journal of the Institute of political Science

Abroad as part of professional activities:

Czech Republic