[themecolor]Trainer – Mentor[/themecolor]

Teaching as a form of imparting knowledge is the right way to do my job as a trainer. As an ARTIST, I arrange this; as a THINKER, I fill it with knowledge; as TEACHER I live it. The word “teacher” reminds me of past school days, which were often inadequate at imparting knowledge. Because of that, the word “MENTOR” better describes a teacher’s function.


There must be motivation to make contents clear to people; otherwise it is mere talk.


I offer workshops, courses, and seminars that involve a multiplicity of backgrounds for visual communication: historical perception, understanding, and impact. I also deal with how to communicate visually through painting, photography, graphics, the body, etc. Visual Communication makes you more aware of your ability to perceive and express and extends this into daily and professional life. Visual Communication helps in promoting understanding.

Body language is a very important part of the individual ability to perceive. Mimic and gesture depend on the individual and cultural contexts. Deaf people use sign language and communicate only through visual media. To communicate with signs was common in ancient cultures all over the world. In our era this knowledge has become lost due to the concentration on spoken and written language. I use my knowledge of sign language for special training methods in my courses.

body language

As a Teacher/Mentor, my aim is to:

  1. Encourage individual WoManPower
  2. Impart a joy of learning and training
  3. Encourage people to take new paths
  4. Give a responsible approach to knowledge
  5. Maintain authenticity
  6. Promote respect for one’s own needs and the needs of others